Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Sunday

I have had a bad couple of days, confused and overwhelmed, and without Ken here to help me figure it all out. I am feeling much better today, because it's Sunday. I love Sundays, they are the last day of the week (or first on many calendars) either way they are the last day of rest and fun before you start up your week at school and work. I also love Sundays because for me they are full of friends and church family, I start my day at church and often end it there as well. My parents and family do not attend church but they too have Sunday traditions, we usually have my Aunt and Uncle and their small children over for lunch/supper when I get home from church, and after supper we have family time, weather that be watching a movie, playing a board game, or vollyball in the backyard in the summer. I love Sunday.

I especially love this Sunday as I get to see Ken again tonight, and he gets to join in with my family, which I know he enjoys almost as much as I do. So although I am still not perfect, or back to normal, still confused and overwhelmed, I love Sundays, and I love Ken. So today is a good day.

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