Monday, September 12, 2011

Potty Mouth


So I know we said that we would update on all of our past spankings, but as I have given you an overview (a pretty good one I think teehe) we are just going to update the 'most important' punishment in our relationship in the last little bit!

So I don't swear, I really don't, just working with people that really do, and them talking and me repeating it happens. I know the lamest excuse, and totally not a good one! But anyways I messed up... a lot. I knowww that it isn't acceptable in our relationship and yet I did it...several times. Gah! Don't you hate that?! Anyways I paid for it for sure! Worst spanking of my life! I was spanked past tears (not a lot past, he wouldn't hurt me...well you know like physically endanger me). I am actually quite embarrassed about the specifics and so I don't really want to write about them. I hate this whole thing, that I did it, and that Ken knows I did. So Ken will explain it in a little bit more detail than I am going to do. But is sensitive to me so it will be a little more vague than he usually is as humiliation isn't something we do to eachother in our relationship although I know that it is a part of some DD couples dynamic.

Anyways I am ashamed, and so here we stand. It will NOT be happening again.


Well howdy DD world :) Long time no talk Eh? so there have been quiet a bit of punishments in the past little while but Barbie and I have been really busy with summer jobs and now getting used to college for me and getting back into university for Barbie.
In this instance Barbie was at work, and was talking with one of her co-workers who referred to someone as an a-hole and just following the conversation and talking to her friend and co-worker Barbie repeated the phrase back to her. Now this is not the first time I have spanked her for swearing since she has been working at this I have already given her 2 spankings for this. I do not allow swearing its uncalled for and against what we believe in and I don't take it lightly. For the first couple of spankings I tried to show her that this is not allowed and I won't put up with it and she seemed to understand what I was saying and said that it would not happen again. But it did, by this time I was utterly fed up I had to do something that really drove the message home so I came up with a plan. I remember what my mother did when I used inappropriate language when I was younger and I am sure this has happen to some of you as well if you have more old fashioned parents. I got my mouth washed out with soap. So, so did Barbie. I started the spanking without the soap with the warm up. I told her that there will be no talking during this part, no excessive squirming and no toleration for hands or feet blocking her bottom (she sometimes does just out of instinct) She was very submissive to this and I was very impressed. I told her again how swearing made me feel and what will have to happen if it ever happens again. This was the first time I spanked her past her tears.  I know she could not take one more and that she finally understood what I was saying.  She has not sworn since then and I believe her when she says she will never do it again.
Hope to keep you more updated.


  1. Oh I have also gotten in big trouble for breaking this rule. I hate swearing, so how I could cross the line I don't know..but I have more than once.

    Soap..ugh. We do not do this..but in dd never say never :)