Thursday, August 25, 2011

I know, I know

STILLLLL haven't all.


I am just going to do a small sum-up-update :) for now, just to let you know a little about what's going on in our lives, and the entries to come.

So Ken and I are once again living away from each other because of work (boo). It really is just the worst, and makes ttwd so much harder! I just do not have the control I need to not be in heaps of trouble every time I get to see him (on weekends, usually, sometimes longer). So, the last three times that I have been able to see him have started and ended with me getting spanked. I am trying, I'm really trying, but being away from him is hard, and not having the constant reminder is hard too! I know excuses, excuses! I know I CAN not break any's just sooooo harrd!

So I have had, another punishment for using the word "whatever" *sigh*
Also, my spending habits slipped a little, and so I have been punished for that.
and A new issue, I swore, this I know is not a big deal to most, but let me help you understand a little bit, I do not at all...sooommmeetimes I say "crap" but, where I work there is quite a bit of swearing, and I unfortunately have picked up a couple coined phrases that I am really not proud of, so I have been given a spanking for this, and a very serious warning.
Also I was given a spanking for just plain brattiness. (I know they are racking up already!!)

So all of the above spankings were given to me over the course of a weekend :| needless to say I was quite sore, and there will be entries for all of them...eventually.

Oh but wait! There's more!

The next week...

My health is very important to me, and to Ken as well, and I have been slipping quite a bit on that end, and after a couple conversations had still not managed to get myself back on track, so Ken decided I needed a little bit of a motivation spanking.
Then I got my very first "safety first" spanking, I did several stupid unsafe things at work.
I also had a disobedience spanking.

I think that is everything, If I missed something I am sure Ken will let me know! haha.
Writing it all down like that made me feel even worse, I feel very out of control when Ken is not here, and it;s showing despite myself.

So each of these "offences" will be given closer attention sometime in the near future. When Ken and I both have functioning internet, as we do very much enjoy updating the blog together, Ken loves it that we once again get to reflect on all of these things.

If anyone has any advice on long-distance DD pllleeeaaasseee let us know!! We feel a little like we are drowning now that this huge part of our relationship only comes in waves it feels like.

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  1. I have a lot on my blog about my struggles with long distance dd..but I sure don't have all the answers. Like you, I end up spanked, and a lot. That's not my kind of homecoming.