Friday, July 8, 2011



There isn't really much explanation for this one. I have a problem with the word "Whatever" I used to say it aaaallllllll the time, and I have gotten much better! But now and again it comes out when I am flustered or frustrated, and as it is one of our rules, we have a new punishment entry. It's just rude really.

Ken took it pretty easy on me as I do not say it often and he really just wanted to remind me I think that this isn't an acceptable way to express my frustration. He didn't use an implements. But I am sure as most of you know if you are spanked in the right way, and hard enough it sure does feel like an implement!


So there's this word that I think is really disrespectful and rude and Barbie likes to use it fro some reason. Before Barbie and I were dating she used this word a lot, and I mean a lot. it is one of our rules that she is not to say this word in a disrespectful way, and she has been doing a wonderful job at contorling her tongue. But, she is only human and she slipped up. I was not really too upset that she had said the word (I can see how much she is trying) but I had to let her know that this word is not going to be tolerable, and gave the spanking more out of principal than anything else. So, in turn I went a little easier on her as kind of a warning,  but I still made sure she felt it. and I have got to say I have not heard that word since :)

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