Friday, July 8, 2011

Camping Princess


This past weekend Ken and I went "camping" hehe, I put that in brackets because what his family considers camping is nothing like what my family does for camping. They all have trailers and tv's and power and bathrooms and on and on hehe. Anyways besides the point! ;)

It was Canada Day weekend, which is always fun...I guess hehe. So there was fireworks on Saturday Night down at the beach, it was raining however and we had to wait for the rain to stop before the fireworks started. This took quite a while. I was feeling a little grumpy. I asked Ken to go to the campsite and get an umbrella...and then my sweater. Then I complained whenever I got wet, and I wouldn't sit on the ground so Ken did and I sat on him...basically I was being a little bit of a spoiled brat. I could see Ken feeling annoyed with me and giving me warning looks, but I thought he would just get over it and it is not like he was going to say or do anything while we were camping with his family right?! I was wrong. We left the beach before the fireworks started and went back to the campsite, and he spanked me in the trailer! While everyone else was at the beach!

This was the first spanking that I have had where I actually cried, like tears and all. It was pretty painful, and it was done when Ken was still upset with me, usually there is a cool off period before I get spanked mostly because we never seem to be somewhere that would allow a spanking. Although I recalled after the fact that I really had subconsciously been thinking I was at no risk so it didn't matter how I was acting (which makes me feel absolutely awful, I know Ken doesn't do that to me!) I hadn't really been itentially annoying, or bratty, I really was just doing it! So his hastey punishment came as a bit of a shock!

All in all, I definitely deserved that spanking and will be sure to check how I am treating my wonderful boyfriend!


As you can read from Barbie's blog we went "camping" with my family and friends of the family for Canada Day last weekend, It was a blast. :) we played games and had camp fires and it was one of the very first time Barbie has really spent time with my family; it was very important to me. I really wanted everything to go smoothly and everyone to have a blast (which did happen, I have two brothers and both of their girlfriends came as well and the three girls love each other, so I know that Barbie had a blast) 

So, on Saturday night the camp ground we stayed at put on a fireworks show down at the beach, it was like the center of the weekend for most people that where camping along side us and just like everyone else we got our spot on the beach and waited for the show to begin. It was raining and storming above us so were forced to wait in the rain. Barbie asked for an umbrella from the trailer so I went to go get it (which was only a two min walk) as I came back with it she forgot to ask for a sweater too so I went and got it for her as well. Now here we are standing on the beach and Barbie says she does not want to sit in the sand and she asked if she could sit on me and I said yes, and so she sat on me. I was siting cross legged with my beautiful girl in my lap waiting for the fireworks to start, all was well, but the rain just kept on falling. I could not keep still and the umbrella would move and rain would fall down on Barbie and she would complain that she was getting wet (over and over, she was feeling a little grumpy I think). by this time I was getting really annoyed with her, and her attitude so much so that I pulled her away just before the fireworks started. I took her back to the trailer and I told her how I was feeling and then I gave her a spanking. But this spanking felt different from any of the other spankings that I have given her. I don't think I have ever spanked her while I was still upset. Then she started to cry (which was a first too) hard, the kind of crying she does when she is really upset.  After it was all said and done I looked at her and I saw the saddest, most apologetic face. She just cried in my arms until she was ready to talk. The rest of the weekend went amazingly.           

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