Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Calm Down

Once again I have to apologize for how long this entry has taken! It is actually quite ridiculous and I do not have a very good excuse I must admit :) It has been busy though! I cannot however keep using that as an excuse I simply have to get onto this site more often, and update those of you who are still checking up. Thank you by the way if you are, your views are very important to us and we will be trying quite a bit more to update regularly.


This was about a week and a half ago now but I think is worth sharing none the less.

So, generally I (Barbie) am quite mature, and graceful (or a least I like to think so)...I however have something embarrassing to share...I can in no way handle sugar. I know like a little child, and trust me that is how I act. It is amazingly embarrassing. I get hyper and annoying, and feel stupid whilst doing so but most seriously have very little control.

Well I had a little too much sugar before bed, and Ken had work in the morning. So although Ken really didn't want to, and I was warned more than once that I really needed to calm down and try to sleep nothing seemed to help. So naturally a spanking was in order.

Ken was very nice, and I was not scolded as much as he could have. He understood, as we were friends long before our relationship this is something that he knew about me and my sugar intake.

It was painful, and I was actually really relieved more so than ever before, it felt like a cure almost! I was able to calm down and let Ken have a nice sleep for work the next morning (although it may have been a little bit too late for a "nice" sleep I must admit).

I have to admit, I have had another spanking for the same reason since then. It was a "worse" spanking and I have been warned about the sugar intake. (Sugar doesn't necessarily mean sweats, too much fruit and such before bed does it!)


Something I love about Barbie Is that when she has a little bit to much sugar she gets hyper, and most of the time I love it (she is hilarious) but not the other night. You see I work as a assistant chef for a family owned restaurant in our town. I just started not too long ago and I am still trying to show my dedication, self-motivation and positivity while at work.

I find that if I don't get all the sleep I need I tend to either cut my self with one of the knives or I don't perform to the best of my ability.

So the on night in question Barbie was acting all crazy and hyper just as we here lying in bed trying to sleep, after about an hour of trying to get her to clam down (I even tried Sing her to sleep) I gave her a warning and that worked for all of ten minutes. So although I really didn't want to have to punish her, I knew that a spanking is just what she needed to bring her out of the crazy mood she was in.

I began with her over my knee no tools just my hand to warm her bottom up. I then brought her over to my chair and use my belt after I was done we went to bed and everything was all good.

She went to bed and I got the sleep I needed and I can say that I didn't hurt myself at work...I was tired though I am not going to lie :)

The second time I had to do this, I nipped the mood in the bud much sooner to avoid the tiredness, and since I was sure the outcome was going to be a good nights sleep. I hope that we can avoid this in the future, we just have to watch the eating before bed and I think this problem will be solved soon, she is keeping a tabs on that and doing very well.


  1. Hi Ken and Barbie, and welcome to the neighborhood!

    I have to giggle at your names because my dolls spanked surprisingly often back in the day. :D

    For Randy and me, nothing else works as well as a good spanking to clear the air, set things right, and reconnect us.

    Best wishes with your DD journey and your new blog!


  2. K and B, Welcome to DD and blogging. I loved reading all of your posts. It's wonderful to hear from both of you. The male perspective is under represented so that is a bonus to us all. I'm so glad that DD is helping you to balance school, work and your relationship. You really sound like your both doing so well! Thanks for sharing with us. - Elysia

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. I saw your blog mentioned on Bonnie's site and decided to stop by. Hope you keep blogging.


  4. Bonnie;
    Thankyou so much for your comment! It's really neat to have someone that we have been reading for sometime comment on our blog!
    Huggs back!

    Thankyou so much of the encouragement! We were worried when we started blogging about ow much negativity could come our way, we have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of support we have been getting from the DD community!
    Ken is so glad to be a part of this blogging experience, because he too found a lack of male perspective!
    We are definatly trying our best to balance our lives, blogging seems to be the hardest thing for us, we need to make it a habit I think!

    Florida Dom;
    Thankyou for your comment, it really means a lot to us! We are so happy that our blog is being read, haha!