Friday, July 8, 2011


"My name is Barbie, and I am a shopoholic"
"Hi Barbie"

Okay but seriously, I have a problem! I really enjoy shopping, and not only for me, but for pretty much everyone. Which honestly isn't usually a big deal, because I also really like finding deals! But with University costing so much, and finances feeling tighter than usual Ken and I both decided that I need to start saving more and spending less. Probably a good idea even is finances aren't tight! So we have come up with an unrefined plan, I am going to write everything that I buy down in a booklet and keep my receipts (this way we figure I actually have to think about what I am spending money on) and then at the end of the week (it will probably end up being more casual than a scheduled time) we will look over together what I have been buying and such, and I will be held accountable.

Here are the rules;
1. No purse stores (seems like a funny rule, but is completely necessary trust me!)
2. No spending unnecessary amounts (I am not allowed to play dumb on this either no "well I thought it was reasonable" haha)
3. Do not by things you don't need.
4. Write down everything I buy (I have an exception because Ken's Birthday and our Anniversary is coming up)

Pretty straight forward, and so far I have been doing pretty good! It's only been a week [well almost ;)] but I am on a roll!

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