Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fun Fact

I have this thing, where about once a month I pull an accidental and unpreventable all-nighter. Tonight/ this morning is one of those times. It is now 6:30 my time, and I am waking Ken up around 8, and I work at 11. I have not slept, and I won't until tonight. I am not tired. Ken thinks it's the weirdest thing, haha, so do I really but it's been happening for a really long time so it's just something I do I guess. Not completely sure why I am blogging about it, but I am. Fun fact about Barbie I guess!


  1. I pulled an all-nighter this week as well! though it's not by choice, usually. It happens when my studying takes longer than expected. Ahh well. Hope you get some rest soon! :)

  2. How fabulous to not need sleep for a night every now and then. I'm just thinking of all that I could accomplish! But, if I don't get enough sleep, I'm exhausted the next day! :(

  3. Wonderful and sweet blog, thanks