Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stayin' Out of Trouble, Vancouver Style

I am in Vancouver!!! Yay! I am having a blast. I am here with my Dad, which essentially means that everything we do has the words, priority, elite, or VIP on it. Haha, so I am feeling pretty princess-like :)...Ken says this is why I can be such a brat, I don't know what he is talking about I am an Angel ;).

Today and Tomorrow are the two days where my Dad is not working so we are packing a lot of fun stuff into the next two days! The next little part of my blog is going to be VERY VANILLA! so bare with me here I am just having too much fun not too share!

Friday morning we got on the plane, we skipped all the lines with his Priority Status, then we chilled out in the Elite Lounge at the Airport. It looks like this: (I couldn't find pictures online so these are my actual pictures)

When we got to Vancouver we rented a car, went out for lunch.

and then my Dad had to go to work, so I went shopping on Robson st. Which is some awesome shopping.

When my Dad was done work I went and picked him up and we went back to the hotel and checked in.

These are my Favourite People, just sayin'

Then we went out to dinner, it was delicious!

Saturday Morning we woke up, had some fruit for breakfast and then headed out to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Then we drove across the Lions Gate Bridge

Spent some time at Stanley Park

Went to the Vancouver Aquarium

We headed back to the hotel, to drop off the car and our treats from the day. Then we walked to find some supper and decided on Thai food.

Now later tonight we have decided to go to watch an improv show, and are currently chilling and
watching television.

I love spending time with my Dad, I don't get to very often so this trip is very special to me, and we are having a lot of fun. I do reaallly miss Ken though and I wish he was here doing all of these things with me! He is having his own fun though, he is currently a cabin leader for the weekend at the camp where we met, so I know he is having a blast! unfortunately that means I can't talk or text with him until monday afternoon (N).

Okay Vanilla over :).

On an even happier note, I am totally not in trouble at all, I have been SUPER good :) love it. I am planning on staying that way and have joined Christina in her 30 day challenge! So far it has been 4 days (that is pretty good for me!) 

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