Monday, February 13, 2012

What If...

This is a thread questionnaire on LDD network. Ken and I did this together and it was quite fun so I thought I would share it here as well :)

As answered by Ken and Recorded by Barbie :)

1. What If your girlfriend gets a speeding ticket?
Talk to her, if it happens again then spanking for every time after that

2. What if your girlfriend texts and drives?
lecture and spanking. No warnings.

3. What if your girlfriend talks on the phone and drives?
 lecture and spanking. No warnings.

4. What if your girlfriend wears pants?
...I will admire her bum? haha doesn't matter she can wear whatever she wants. 

5. What if your girlfriend throws something across the room in anger?
It depends on what she is throwing and why. But I can imagine several scenarios where that would end in a spanking. 

6. What if your girlfriend argues with you about something?
I listen, and depending on her attitude she may have a sore behind. 

7.What if your girlfriend smokes a cigarette?
It just would not happen. 

8. What if your girlfriend spends over 100 dollars without asking?
We are not married yet so there are no consequences for this. She handles her own finances at this point. 

9. What happens if your girlfriend get in between you and your children?
We do not have children, and I don't understand this question. 

10. What if your girlfriend lies?
spankins. with the cane. 

11. What if your girlfriend curses?
soap, and spankin'

12. What if your girlfriend loses the car keys?
hugs and kisses and prayer to find them (she swears by praying for lost things) and we will find them together. Maybe a little irritation at her losing them.

13. What if your your girlfriend tells you to be careful or slow down on the road?
I would be careful and slow down on the road...but if she keeps nagging I will hit the "ejector seat" button.

14. What if your girlfriend goes outside barefooted?
I would wash her feet after?...this only a problem if it's winter, but she's smarter than that so...

15. What if your girlfriend leaves the house (for an extended period of time) without asking?
She doesn't need to ask, but I would like to know where she is (if it's a long time). 

16. What if your girlfriend went to a bar with her friends and had a glass of wine?
Kudos to her for trying wine again!...haha she hates it

17 What if your girlfriend backtalks?

18. What if your girlfriend went through your cell phone?
this happens all the time, it drives me bonkers. she loves it, let her enjoy the little things (he was laughing pretty hard as he said this one) 

19. What would you do if your girlfriend cried/begged her way out of punishment?
It would probably make the punishment worse, for not cooperating. If she was genuinely upset we would stop and discuss and then proceed with the punishment when she is ready.

20. What would you do if your girlfriend did not clean the house?
We do not live together...but the answer would be " feel her forehead, there is something wrong if she has not cleaned the house, we may have to go to the hospital" 

This was a fun exercise to do together...a couple we hadn't really thought about before hehe :). 


  1. Holy moly! He's a strict one! We are not married either so my freedom is pretty open; however, I work hard to make sure he knows where I am (he's a worrier and that used to irk me, but now I see it as his caring, not that he did not trust me).

    We are not using physical punishment in our relationship; however, I think he might re-consider if I EVER texted while driving. That's a big no no. And I don't - it's hard to not to read one at a red light, but I've learned - better to pull over, park and deal with whatever the issue is.

    My work frequently calls me so driving and talking are a fact of business but I go hands free :-)

    Other than that, my L is a pretty easying going man. Hmmm, cursing. That's a whole other story. LoL!
    Thanks for the fun post - L enjoyed it.

    1. Haha, He can be. But he is very understanding too! :)

      Texting and driving would be a big one for us as well...thankfully I have never done's right up there with lying for Ken.

      Yes cursing...gah. Soap is my least favourite thing! ick! Also doesn't happen often :)

      I am glad you both enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I asked Cael to answer these last night. A few answers that stuck out...

    2) What if your girlfriend texts and drives? Okay, he said I'd get spanked but HE texts and drives all the time. No fair!

    11) What if your girlfriend curses? He pretty much laughed and said he'd be excited if I cursed because it's sooo against my personality that it'd be funny if I did.

    13) What if your girlfriend tells you to slow down on the road? He said he'd speed up! Maybe slightly better than getting ejected like Ken said he'd do ;) lolol!

    16) What if your girlfriend went to a bar with her friends and had wine? He said he'd be excited, because I'm not generally a drinker!

    Thanks for the fun post!

    1. Thanks!

      Haha I love hearing their answers to these things!
      As Always love reading your comments!

      xo Barbie!