Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ken's Bromance

Okay so Ken has a best friend, he is absolutely wonderful and I love him.
Ken loves him too, very much.
He is down for the weekend, and I love seeing them together, they truly make each other so happy! It is so nice to watch and be a part of. They also get each other into trouble but that is a story for another time haha.

They are very similar, they both are naturally dominant and just as naturally loving. His best friend let's call him James. James has recently gotten engaged which is very exciting! Let's call her Nina. We are so happy for him :)

What I really am looking to blog about however is how they bond over being the Hoh even though James does not practice DD (that we are aware of).

example number uno;

I've already told Nina when she moves in she is simply not bringing ALL of her clothes

Really? haha Barbie has tonnes too

I know it's crazy, I've told her, you only need seven of everything, then you can wear one each day of the week if you'd like, then we do laundry.

*chuckling* this is very true

Barbie: .... wait a second...I can keep all of my clothes when we move in together...right?!

We will see Baby, James has got something good here.

.... -_- (noooo!!!!) 

Now this conversation was mostly fun, and playful....but I am worried hehe.
Love these two!

I imagine I will have more stories for you as the weekend progresses haha.

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